Look: Paolo Ballesteros grows a pair of boobs for Die Beautiful

Live ugly or die beautiful? Paolo Ballesteros stars in this fillm abut a transgendeer

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Look: Paolo Ballesteros grows a pair of boobs for Die Beautiful\

MTRCB board member and actress Gladys Reyes posted this photo of dabarkads Paolo Ballesteros with a perfect pair of boobs. This transformation of the Transformation King has got to do with the movie he's currently filming called Die Beautiful.

Die Beautiful is an indie film that tackles the life of a transwoman who loves to impersonate celebrities with a dying wish to be buried as Lady Gaga. But then the body of Paolo’s character gets taken by a Chinese-Filipino family who dresses the trans-woman as a man in the funeral service. Gay friends steal the dead body, which they dress up every day to honor the last request.

The movie is being written and directed by Jun Lana under APT Entertainment.

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