How true? Billy Crawford gets detained overnight in Hongkong

The guy was probably smitten by Coleen Garcia's Edward Scissorhands look?

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Billy Crawford gets detained overnight in Hongkong overnight

How true is the rumor that Pinoy Boyband Superstar host Billy Crawford was detained overnight in Hongkong?

In an article written by Sol Gorgonio of PSN Ngayon, Crawford was jailed overnight after giving a random guy his fist.

According to the story relayed to Gorgonio by his source, Crawford's group, including Vice Ganda, were going downstairs of a bar in Hongkong where they celebrated the Halloween when one guy touched Coleen Garcia's butt.

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This irked the actress. As a boyfriend, it is but natural for Billy to act in defense of his girlfriend The commotion was seen by a cop resulting to Billy's temporary detainment in Hongkong.

Crawford was released the following morning after investigations were made

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