The Legal Wife's The Rage episode spawns viral memes and animations

Last night's episode of The Legal Wife Wednesday May 21 has spawned yet another viral memes, images and animations in social meda aside from the fact that episode trended both nationwide and worldwide at top spot on Twitter.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Last night's episode of The Legal Wife Wednesday May 21 has spawned yet another viral memes, images and animations in social meda aside from the fact that episode trended both nationwide and worldwide at top spot on Twitter.

The episode showed one of the most anticipated scenes of the series  where Angel Locsin and Maja Salvador uttered their most famous lines even before the series set foot on primetime.

Nicole:Mahal ko si Adrian. Akin siya. Akin siya. Akin siya.
Monica: Walang sa 'yo Nicole. Akin lang ang asawa ko.
gif credits: xayezi of PEx

Even the phenomenal star Vice Ganda was so into it that he sent a message to Star Creative's PR head @micodelrosario which the latter posted on his Instagram account. His testimonial for The Legal Wife also trended using "Boom Kabit".

More hair-pulling, shoulder-pushing, slapping and head-crushing gifs. Credits to caffeinerush21 of PEx

This episode has recorded a total of 9 trending topics in one night including its official hashtag #TLWTheRage. Others are "Sige Monica", "Angel Locsin", Adrian, #Boomkabit, "Kay Max", "Si Nicole", "JC De Vera", and "Go Monica".

But have you ever wondered what happened after all these? Is Maja Salvador alright? A rumor said that the two intense actresses went a little too personal. But The Legal Wife herself denied and killed it immediately.

Here they are after the scene.

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  1. as usual, intense
    heart stopping
    The Legal Wife is definitely a dangerous enemy

  2. ABS ought to give Angel more teleseryes
    all her teleseryes from GMA to ABS were money earners and hits
    aside of course from she's really one versatile actress who can portray any role very convincingly
    it was a smooth transition for Maja from Ina, Kapatid and now she's specializing in roles that betray the heroine so kudos to her too
    ABS needs more actresses too in roles like hers, since its hard if all of them would be heroines
    its a good move too that Jessy M. is getting another boost with her tv projet with Xian
    this will be the project to see if both Jessy and Xian make it on their own
    for Jessy, this is also a further boost
    this will also be a test if Xian eventually becomes a bonafide leading man to partner with the other lead leading ladies of ABS like of course Angel, Bea, Angelica and others
    for Jericho, The Legal Wife is probably his most successful teleserye after Pangako sa Iyo
    its Echo's movie career still waiting for the big boost

    Angel and Jericho are not exactly a loveteam in The Legal Wife and looks like there are no future projects in the movies for them in spite the success of their tv series
    while many are excited about who the next younger actress Angel will costar with after her successful "team up" with Maja, or her next leading man for Darna and her future movies, seems to be no "push" or anything for a future project with Jericho
    even some have been pushing for JC de Vera to be Angel's Darna leading man
    JC's yuppie look actually has some real chemistry with Angel so we're not wondering
    although as a regular viewer of The Legal Wife, we don't want anything happening serious between them as Monica and M
    if anybody at all becomes a couple again, I'm still for Adrian and Monica, in spite everything since
    the writers seem to say both Monica and Adrian actually still love each other but Adrian just loves himself more and Monica wants her dignity intact that's why thinking Adrian's with Nicole, she's not about to reconcile with him
    you can see she's the better person here in spite Adrian's accusation of her separating their kids from him
    its a good thing for Jericho in general that ABS found a project that suits him to pair with Angel
    since he's probably the only actor left from his group having not paired yet with Angel who has paired with Piolo, Sam with Diether and John Lloyd
    of course, there are Aga and Jake C. also in the Angel's award winning role in In The Name of Love among others, for the first time also with Dingdong and Zanjoe although again its for a mature role and less romantic roles
    that's why its always exciting to watch Angel because she always transforms from one project to another, and finds the right chemistry for her leading men depending on her roles
    like here, some viewers find Monica and Max cute of course as Monica's admirer best friend, its a lucky role for JC to get noticed while he has his own afternoon soap to practice more his acting chops
    for Jericho, there's another role I'm pretty sure where Angel can also find a way to make their "romantic" chemistry rise another notch higher
    maybe a bit unfortunate, or maybe not, that there's little romantic angle between their characters here, since viewers already are not into Adrian because of the role
    so we hope maybe a nice MMK will try to correct this for Angel and Jericho
    after all Sam and Angel really hit it off very well doing an MMK first before Only You
    at that time fans really wanted a movie for a follow up, of course been a while since that tv team up despite being well received too

    while talk is all about Darna, we wonder too what Angel's future project is
    seriously ABS really needs to do some more tv projects for her
    is it a career choice that ABS intentionally does this?
    after all, most if not all Angel teleseryes have had landmark impact
    so perhaps a case of having a hard time choosing the right tv projects?


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