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Star Cinema Movies Line Up For 2014

Movies lineup of Star Cinema for 2014 includes Angel Locsin, Piolo Pascual, Angelica Panganiban, Jericho Rosales, and Anne Curtis,

Here are the reported upcoming movies of Star Cinema / ABS-CBN Productions in 2014.

Da Possessed
Vhong Navarro and Angel Locsin
Director: Bb. Joyce Bernal

The Gifted 
Anne Curtis, Cristine Reyes, and Sam Milby
Directed by Chris Martinez

Unlove You 
Piolo Pascual, Toni Gonzaga and Iza Calzado
Director: Olivia Lamasan

El Brujo 
Gerald Anderson and Jake Cuenca
Director: Tikoy Aguiluz

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Untitled Movie 
Richard Gomez, Gretchen Barretto, Jessy Mendiola and John Lloyd Cruz

Untitled Movie
Angelica Panganiban and Gerald Anderson

Aba Nakakabasa na Pala Ako?! (adapted from Bob Ong's book)
Jericho Rosales, Andi Eigenmann, Meg Imperial, Vandolph Quizon
Director: Mark Meily

Untitled Reunion Movie
Lea Salonga and Aga Muhlach

Magic Temple Remake
Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla

Darna Movie 
Angel Locsin

Which movie are you most excited to watch on the big screen? Please leave a comment.

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  1. Darna and The Gifted

  2. Darna, Da Possessed and Magic Temple Remake

  3. Aga and Lea's reunion movie. <3

  4. angel n nman sa darna prang nkkumay nakpagsiya nnman.

  5. Si Angel sa DARNA??What the heck!!! is there anyone???

    1. inggit u lang heck ka rin

  6. Darna, I remind the child actor who played the young juan dela cruz, another break for him
    Da Possessed, it would be exciting to see Angel also do the Possessed part and heroine all in one
    Angel projects rocks!

  7. Angel is the best and incomparable choice as Darna
    even Darna die hards would love to see her do this in the big movie screen
    both in looks, stance, and the ultimate heroine whether action, drama, or romance driven genres

  8. for Darna movie, Angel's leading man could be Jason "Kid" Abalos, about time to start giving him a break again esp in a movie
    if they tried Kapamilya newcomers JC de Vera for The Legal Wife and Paulo Avelino in an MMK episode with Angel, why not try the taller looker Jason for the role, eyeglasses will look good on him for the "nerdy" role of Efren
    another Kapamilya actor who could play obssessed villain to Angel's Narda/Darna could be Aaron Villaflor, who can really act with passion in any villainous role
    both are old Kapamilya reliable actors

  9. My Little Juan's Izzy Carillo as Ding
    Jason Abalos as Efren
    Villain shortlist- Aaron Villaflor, Melissa Ricks, Nikki Gil, Noni Buencamino

    basis: job well done in Kapamilya past teleseryes

    ANGEL LOCSIN as DARNA!!!!! ONLY and Best Choice

  10. we were wondering why Anne has to do a Dyesebel on tv
    won't be surprised if its for a movie, with co production with Viva
    why? simply because Dyesebel for tv is a big break starrer for a newcomer
    for us and many I know, Dyesebel for tv could be a big followup break for Jessy Mendiola
    Maria Mercedes doesn't enjoy an early primetime slot, so doing Dyesebel should be a big boost to widen her market
    already we've seen young girls dancing the Maria Mercedes dance but because of its mature theme and later timeslot then its just not for kids
    Anne doesn't need this project honestly since she's done a lot of fantaserye projects on tv in the past
    it's alright if it were in a movie
    ABS seems hesitant? in giving breaks to their homegrown talents who have potential?
    Jessy has the persona to make it as a future leading lady and has the qualities of playing heroine characters
    her portrayal of Maria Mercedes deserves a follow up push
    when Kim Chui supposedly declined doing this on tv, right away we thought they'd give it to a homegrown talent, among others there's also Julia Montes
    but we thought Jessy fits the role more, even more than Anne who's personality is more of anti heroine as best showcased in movies like No Other Woman
    Anne, me and my friends agree, has had tons of "pushing" already and this helped land where she is now
    how can homegrown ABS talent get there if they're not given that extra "push"
    best example is how another Viva talent gets a lot of projects on tv
    of course it cannot be denied that since Anne like Cristine can get a lot more projects since Viva will be helping in bankrolling tv projects
    but honestly doing this on tv is meant more for a new up and coming talent needing a career "push"

    1. I agree with this, why not the star magic talent. I like Anne but its about time na push nila ang ibang talent ng abs... Just like Julia montes, jessy mendiola

    2. Jessy Mendiola DOES NOT have a solid fanbase, charisma and acting talent to deserve famous roles like Dyesebel or Darna which she keeps on announcing on social media na gustong gusto niya makuha. Fortunately, abs-cbn is wise enough not to risk it with her dahil siguradong masasayang lang yung role sa kanya because all she can offer is a pretty face and that's about it no substance. Yung beauty pa niya is the type na mabilis pagsawaan because the longer you stare at her nakakaumay na unlike other beauties na habang tinitignan mo mas lalong gumaganda.

    3. Pathetic lang how Jessy would desperately tweet endlessly and post in her IG ng mga DARNA photos to send the message how she really wants the role. Dapat isipin rin ni Jessy na binabagayan rin ang DARNA role and not every actress is suited to portray it. She lacks sex appeal and the astig look and moves needed for the role and sana matauhan na siya at wag na mag ilusyon dun. Yung Dyesebel baka pwede pa siya dun kaso napunta na kay Anne but definitely not Darna. Mautak rin yung management kasi alam nila na mas hit pag si Angel at Anne gaganap sa Darna and Dyesebel. Jessy was already given a lot of chances to prove her worth as an actress pero talagang di siya type ng tao at konti lang talaga fans niya sa totoo lang.

  11. Luis Manzano leading man for Darna...that would be interesting.

    1. Yes, agree ako dyan, why not......!

    2. Another thing, why not isama si ate vi, the real darna character para sure sa box office...star cinema, pwede na rin sa isang movie si ate vi, luis at angel for this year 2014.

    3. Great suggestion, Ate Vi portray the legend Darna or mother of Darna, Luis is the leading man, and perfect Valentina would be Marian Rivera if allows, perfect...Nah perhaps a versatile actress perhaps Alessandra De Rossi perfect Valentina since she already played on tv why not same thing.right..

    4. Big FLOP pag sinama si Luis sa DARNA! Angel already earned more haters after getting back with Luis so parang career suicide yan pag siningit pa si Luis sa movie niya.

  12. if Angel is the perfect Darna hands down, Jessy is the perfect Dyesebel right now, and yes, if ABS is serious in building up their next star, then this is a very good followup to Maria Mercedes

  13. with the whole Vhong episode, does this mean Angel will do Darna ahead right after The Legal Wife?
    no complaints

  14. anne is the perfect dyesebel .

  15. if Da Possessed will push through considering all this Vhong issue, is it still wise to have the more established Angel costar esp. if she's to play Only second fiddle to Vhong?
    even Vhong's last movie didn't really do very well. so honestly will his current issues actually help his movie's cause?
    Angel is to star in a much bigger movie anyway, Darna's return on the big screen
    some fans are already suggesting Luis Manzano as her leading man to give it a funny guy take
    although some fans who've seen Angel and Sam believe they were great in Only You and never got a followup in spite its success ratings wise
    there are many potential leading men for Angel in Darna, but yeah, Luis would be very interesting
    and if the movie hits it big time, then a romcom movie would likewise be a great idea why not?

  16. Ate Vi can do a movie cameo for Darna with Angel
    but a different movie with Angel and Luis we think is a better idea
    besides Darna the movie with Angel is already a sure hit
    a better full length role for Ate Vi will probably be a drama romcom with her son Luis as Angel's Prince Charming

  17. darna for mmff entry..panonoorin naming..im sure breaking blockbuster yn

  18. darna - angel locsin

  19. angel locsin for darna- best choice

  20. DARNA for ANGEL LOCSIN is the BEST CHOICE and LUIS MANZANO will be perfect match for the perfect hot time

  21. bakit wala si Angel sa SSID ang weird lang
    andami pa namang nanonood ng The Legal Wife

    nweys, Darna ni Angel ofcors

  22. Angel Locsin, the best most versatile actress of her generation, the best in the drama and action genres
    the only and undeniable one who can give full justice to Darna

  23. lagi namin pinapanood ang The Legal Wife, napaka versatile talaga ni Angel, sa halo halong emosyon kinakailangan sa role
    pero ang kinakatuwa namin lahat, mabilis nakikita ang lalong pagpayat niya at lalo siyang nagiging sexy, dahil alam natin pagpumayat si Angel, walang panama kahit sino sa perfect curves niya, so so ready na for Darna
    kaya excited sa The Legal Wife gabi gabi at grabe rin talaga ang excitement sa paglipad ni Darna sa big screen dahil kay Angel

  24. the best talaga sa The Legal Wife kaya siya rin ang the best maging Darna
    sobrang galing talaga ni Angel maglabas ng iba't ibang emosyon
    pinaka versatile actress

  25. yeah, naalala ko tuloy si idol Angel sa In The Name of Love yung transformation ng role niya as Mercedes, batang OFW siya sa start nagtransform talaga siya doon at sobrang galing at versatile niya
    pero iba rin talaga si Angel bilang action heroine tulad ng sa Lobo
    kaya excited talaga lahat sa Darna
    ito ang pinakamahusay na aktres at pinaka versatile
    siya lang rin ang pinakabagay at pinakamagaling sa action
    siya yung pagnasapak ka talagang tagos pati guy actors nating ngayon taob
    bukod sa eye candy at sexy sa kanyang Darna costume
    sigurado lahat mapa kiddie fans, guys, gals pati gays agree dyan

  26. the reason people are getting hooked watching The Legal Wife despite the late time slot is aside from rooting for Monica and hating Nicole, Adrian is the way the series has developed, slow start perhaps to make the viewers understand each of the characters but now they've stepped it up interest levels higher

    now comes the next project of Angel after The Legal Wife, since its not a tv series but the movie Darna, a role that's almost hers and much awaited

    for us, this Darna has the potential to be a super blockbuster and I dare challenge perhaps the very movie to actually top Vice Ganda's supremacy at the Box office

    we all know the secret to Vice boxoffice stranglehold is he knows exactly what to dish out to the viewers and yes has developed this well loved following because of that consistency in giving them what they want
    and that's exactly the key if Angel's Darna is to be the real contender to top the Vice record of consistency
    there's no reason why movie goers will not patronize Angel Locsin big time, BUT it has to be a very COMMERCIAL movie the way Vice treats the movie going public

    actually Starcinema can also take some tips from the most successful Hollywood superhero movies
    the formula seems simple enough....a good love story, a good crime busting story, impressive special effects
    the KEY is really the STORY
    something MOVIEGOERS will PATRONIZE

    Angel is no doubt the perfect Darna
    you notice her big blockbuster movies have always been less commercial since despite tackling relationships, its not always the cheesy romantic themes or the clashing wife mistress stuff but rather focuses more on the dramas of the characters behind them
    MEANING Angel does more serious DRAMA in movies and yet if the STORY is interesting enough despite less commercial than the more tested FORMULAS moviegoers watch because Angel delievers well in the ACTING department, making characters very REAL

    here comes DARNA, the superheroine, a role many are so waiting for Angel to do esp on the BIGSCREEN and by STARCINEMA
    so with the RIGHT STORY everything should work ALL IN FAVOR of this breaking Vice Ganda's records
    Toni and Piolo's last movie almost did that and that's because people fell in love with the story line and the characters
    now Angel as Darna is already a pre sell, other words its up to the Writers and Directors and the Creative Team to do their stuff
    of course, CASTING has to be taken well cared of
    but I believe if those in their roles are as matched as Angel is as Darna, that should be the Key

    I actually like Gretchen B. as the chief female nemesis
    for the leading man role I actually think we need 2 leading men, Pinoys love the conflict a lot, hopefully they choose the right ones here
    many names are popping up, why even Vice doesn't really need a big name leading man to make blockbusters he did it all in his last one
    it actually depends on how the love story angle suits whoever they choose to do it
    if there's going to be a kid in the movie, the selected child actor should be suited and fit
    Angel plays the superheroine very well
    the KEY here is to improve on how her character develops from her previous superheroine outings ex as Lyka in Lobo has to be the most memorable done at ABS

    basically the MOVIE should capture the different potential viewers, KIDS, GUYS AND GALS, GAYS all these can potentially watch given its Angel Locsin and IF the STORY is APPEALING UNIVERSALLY, so yeah even the choice of leading man is important somebody not necessarily super popular but someone with a POSITIVE IMAGE
    sorry in that regard I'm not necessarily inclined to believe Paulo Avelino is this guy
    even Luis Manzano as the other leading man is a better choice
    after Starting Over Again, given the role is suitable, Piolo could do it
    although the Efren role for us can really be anybody as long as the Love Story angle has that romantic, cute vibe, Pinoys look for in GP movies

    whether for the MMFF or not, given the right movie ingredients, this is going to be really BIG

  27. best as in best actress ni Angel as Monica in The Legal Wife
    she has all the best emotions for the roller coaster interpretation of this role
    kaya nga we wonder when they're going to start the shoot for Darna
    we're very excited for Darna but can't help wanting to see the amazing actress that Angel is as Monica for a longer period since her teleseryes are less often than her movies

  28. Starcinema hopefully does not disappoint with Darna
    with the huge success and following of The Legal Wife, Angel in a role that people have come to identify with and Angel giving a winning best actress role
    any movie Angel does after The Legal Wife is surely to catch the fancy of a lot of people
    at least for a lot of women surely
    so is her fighting for her man role just the right vehicle pre Darna movie? the fighting superheroine this time
    Darna has to be as engaging as TLW something people can identify to and the better if it tackles also real situations which Darna will be solving superheroine style
    so this should be a movie combining reality with escapism, something Pinoy movie goers go for
    the perfect combination with the perfect movie actress/star to do it

  29. bakit may mga lumalabas ulit na hindi na naman si Angel ang maging Darna
    sana wag naman ganyan, lahat expected na si Angel na ang mag Darna lalo for movies
    kung iba na lang rin e di sa tv na sila, pero dapat talaga si Angel mag Darna sa movies
    ano yun nagtitipid ang ABS ayaw na magshoot ng Darna movie?
    tutal kumikita na sila ng malaki k Angel via The Legal Wife?
    hindi ba sila convinced sa Darna project na kikita ng malaki sa movies
    talagang romantic dramas at romcom at comedies lang ang kayang gawing hit ng Starcinema?
    takot ba sila sa genre??
    sana wala na lang nilang inannounce if hindi rin matutuloy si Angel mag Darna sa movie

  30. baliw ang ABS pag hindi natuloy ang Darna with Angel
    dapat ngayon pa lang binubusisi na ng husto at lalong pinupulido pa ang script
    marami kaming naririnig na dapat sa TLW bigyan ng konting patikim ang Angel JC pairing at this time hindi kami aangal di tulad ng effort ng iba sa Angel Paulo
    di hamak na mas me leading man looks si Max o JC de Vera at malakas ang chemistry kay Angel
    pero wag ng ituloy na magkarelasyon si Monica't Max, tama na yung patikim na kilig kilig moments nila, at if ever meron man dapat ibitin at ONLY IF namatay si Adrian
    dapat talaga sa Darna na ituloy ang pagpares nila
    sabi ng iba nga me malaking promise talaga itong si JC lalo if mapair agad sa isang malaking project kay Angel
    may kilig factor talaga na effortless yung "admiration" ni Max kay Monica
    idagdag rin namin na if mageffort sila, kahit bago ng kasal dapat rin merong Luis Angel movie na romcom, sure kami papatok yan, good script lang talaga at sobrang aliw ito paniguro at kilig rin talaga
    yung mga tipong may pagka tisoy na tsinito ang bagay kay Angel
    kahit nakukulangan kami sa height ni JC, magaling si Angel sa kilig kilig na yan at bagay talaga sila tingnan ni JC, hate to say this, but mas effortless pa di sa Monica Adrian
    pero swak naman si Jericho at Angel dito dahil sa tema ng teleserye
    pero sa kilig kiligan, ewan if dahil sa script lang na TLW, mas na cu cute an kami kina Angel at JC based sa looks lang
    bagay rin sila sa isang romantic type movie, drama o romcom man

  31. dahil baguhan pa si JC sa ABS good break talaga if maging leading man siya ni Angel sa Darna
    sabi nila focus kay Darna, pero bakit nga rin patok ang Spiderman, dahil yun sa kilig kiligan ring singit na love story ni Peter Parker
    tamang tama lang si JC dahil di pa sikat pero malaking potential if mapares sa sikat na leading lady tulad ni Angel

  32. parang ganyan nangyari kay Xian Lim, natagpuan ng ABS yung leading man na bumagay kay Kim Chui na higit higit pa sa dating ka loveteam
    sa tingin namin di rin dapat palampasin, si Angel kasi patok kahit sinong leading man, pero may iba kaming pakiramdam kay JC, kasi meron talagang mga types na MAS bagay sa pisikal na anyo sa isang leading lady
    yun nga tingin namin, magaling rin manamit si JC at may confidence kahit nung umpisa halatang alanganin pa sa acting si JC as Max, bumawi na rin siya at if may pagkukulangan naman kaya namang punan ni Angel yun
    ang mahalaga malakas chemistry nila, PROMISE
    andami na kasi kaming nalalalaman na super comment na mas bagay sila
    kaso ayaw talaga ng Monica shippers na magka affair sila ni Max
    sa ibang project na lang daw

  33. if ma extend ang The Legal Wife oks lang naman kahit January playdate ng Darna yung aabot sa Valentines o pwede rin early January pagkatapos na pagkatapos ng MMFF yung mga malakas na movies na lang natira
    tutal hahabol pa rin ang mga bata na gusto talaga mapanood ang Darna
    wag dapat madaliin ang Darna

  34. hope they finally announce when they plan to do Darna
    we're all waiting for Angel to do this on the big screen
    so yeah, The Legal Wife is doing great and we love Monica
    who wouldn't want that show extended

  35. Is Starcinema aiming for something bigger for DARNA?
    while Hollywood superhero movies are doing great, is it possible if we try our luck with Darna doing an international release beyond the traditional overseas Pinoy market?
    there are many potential would be cult followings worldwide and we have the perfect actress doing it
    its all about planning now, this project has the potential of achieving that if those think tanks do their jobs well

  36. so what's the latest with the big Darna movie project?

  37. Darna updates please!!!!

  38. when's Angel to start shooting Darna?

  39. quiet na ulit ang ABS about Darna
    sayang very successful pa naman ang The Legal Wife
    parang laging bitin ang projects ni Angel
    kung kelan sobrang gusto ng tao nakikita si Angel
    urong sulong wala namang magandang dahilan kasi kumikita naman lahat ng projects ni Angel

  40. this is just a suggestion, since it seems to us they're not going to rush Darna for MMFF 2014
    if they can possibly release this for a more international market since they're going to spend anyway on effects
    it's just an idea if they can put in stunt men/women who are internationally trained to do scenes with Angel
    maybe even an international actor who can do stunts also, either he's the leading man or a villain in the movie
    Angel already has started in making a name when she got the international Emmy nomination and it can be used as selling point too for the marketing part even if its not going to be for the mainstream Hollywood market, it might still get a chance at other international mainstream cinema markets, where there's also good ROI
    why not? so they don't scrimp on the budget for this one
    there's a lot of potential since Angel is really this good in action and drama
    she has to prepare well for the action stunts too
    we all know she can do the most difficult ones very cinematically too
    we've reviewed her scenes in Asian Treasures and she really has the stuff action heroines of international movies do

  41. ATTENTION:dapat baguhin na yung post nito
    mukhang di na sa 2014 ang Darna
    good or bad news but sana pagpostpone more time sa preparation at maging maayos
    mukhang si JC de Vera na nga sa tingin namin ang magiging Efren
    look test na rin talaga yung pagiging Max niya sa The Legal Wife
    malakas ang chemistry nila ni Angel
    at parang nakita na namin si Ding, yung lumaking batang Bunjoy mukang bagay rin
    ayusin na rin ang ibang cast lalo yung mga kontrabida
    looking forward na ang lahat lalo't patapos na ang The Legal Wife
    dapat nga may sked na sila sa shoot

  42. angel................. darna the movie

  43. Darna!! ANGEL!!!

  44. dapat gawing Darna movie series na rin
    with Angel of course

  45. aside from very realistic portrayals
    the conflicts presented in The Legal Wife are very relatable esp to Pinoys who love watching these types of conflict laden topics, like its everybody's business, even if its not theirs
    the creators of Darna might want to inject some ingredient from this TLW success, why not?
    it all depends on who their target market really is, but the female adult market seems to be the most reliable for local movies, esp for female driven movies
    and you can actually still put in a lot of action stuff, catfights anyone?
    the thing now is if how they actually make it watchable for the kids market, as well
    after all, those big Hollywood action movies do attract this big market too
    and spending a lot for special effects, why not
    but it all depends how they do it
    bright ideas can actually be simple
    and good storytelling of course

    as Angel is the best choice
    its as crucial to choose the best costars
    and of course, we know by now, how Angel and Maja just had the best chemistry as coactors
    since Angel is at her best doing action heroines, taking note being a nominee then at the international Emmys
    we need a costar who should provide not only screen presence but the acting necessary for the villain role
    off hand, there's an actor who seems to strike me as very capable for an evil villanous role- NONI BUENCAMINO although I think production prefers a female villain
    so who should it be?
    it will for me be more interesting if it's somebody who hasn't played a main villain yet to Angel
    so I agree with Maja that for the meantime she skips the idea of playing Valentina even if some fans like the idea
    besides we think a reunion between the two should be not in this type of superheroine project


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