Avon Beauties: Solenn Heusaff, Anne Curtis, Angel Locsin, Isabelle Daza

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? Presenting the Avon Beauties: Solenn Heusaff, Anne Curtis, Angel Locsin, Isabelle Daza

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? Presenting the Avon Beauties: Solenn Heusaff, Anne Curtis, Angel Locsin, Isabelle Daza. Four lovely ladies. Four beauty ambassadors join together for Avon's Over Nature collection held in Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) Wednesday night May 7.

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  1. while these 4 ladies do have their own beauty types, its all made interesting because you have the acting diva there, the award winning and internationally recognized actress Angel Locsin
    in terms of popularity, perhaps Anne has her own stock too but the enduring advantage of the Angel Locsin is her being known for class acts, from flying high straight away as soon as her career was launched as a lead actress, the original tv primetime queen of her generation and the first in her batch to land blockbuster movies in purely romantic teen movies, Angel also lead the pack ahead of the rest of her age group and even the rest of local showbiz when she was honored alongside international acting greats at the international Emmys
    truly a trendsetter when it comes to class acting performances
    as soon as Angel popped out of the tv screen via Mulawin, her first lead role on tv, people from all walks of life knew right away she was very special and meant for the big time
    no doubt, she was this fragile beauty who can be tough, every boy and every girl's crush
    her combination of personas and personalities eventually made her not only the fantaserye and action queen but the versatile dramatic great
    Angel has always evolved and gotten better than ever, always aiming for perferction esp in what she does best-acting
    truly an acting gem Pinoys can be proud of

    1. man that's a speech already... i agree with u though

  2. Anne Curtis has the charm.

  3. Angel is someone very special from the very start
    many knew right away
    every role she played on tv never ceased to gain attention
    Angel was the absolute charmer of tv viewership as Alwina in Mulawin
    I still remembered how many ever loyal Kapamilya viewers like us took a peek at Alwina when it debuted at GMA and got hooked
    we remember the early episodes in particular when a very fresh, fragile beauty charmed her way almost single handedly into every boy and girl's hearts
    yeah, we still remember how she not only became the boy but also the girl crush at that time
    Angel of course has evolved very well, from teen princess to action queen to now dramatic great
    all in the course of having to go through a career move from GMA to ABS all by herself
    Angel has fashioned her career mostly relying on her talent and popularity, having had not much career backing from the present major talent agencies like Star Magic or Viva
    indeed you can't put a brilliant talent down, everything she does just gets better than ever
    she will shine wherever she goes
    hopefully, The Legal Wife gets her back at the international Emmys
    maybe the competition is not as stiff as when she first entered and since this project has more social relevance than Lobo

  4. Angel's the best
    the very beautiful and very talented actress is not only a superstar
    she's The One and Only Ms. Angel Locsin

  5. Angel Locsin rules! she's a certified Queen!
    no hypes please!

  6. we love the beautiful Angel more
    she's for real

  7. The best beauty is Isabelle's - pinay na pinay. Angel Locsin next. Sollen is also ok even though she looks foreigner mabait daw sa personal, drinks but not out of control. does not look down on people drunk or sober.

  8. lookswise for me its Angel, she's also a Pinay beauty although she has this mix of chinita looks and has this Latina appeal
    of course, we can be proud of her for being a real champion of doing good deeds and her acting exploits especially the recognition at the Emmys


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