Lea Salonga considers mandatory IQ/EQ Test before someone be given Internet access

Lea Salonga asked her followers on Twitter about mandatory IQ and EQ Test before someone be given Internet access. Guess what? No one agreed.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Lea Salonga considers mandatory IQ/EQ Test before someone be given Internet access

Lea Salonga is being her diva-ish self again. The lost Voice PH coach tweeted on a boring Wednesday afternoon asking her followers on Twitter about pushing a mandatory IQ and EQ test before someone gets an Internet access.

"Agree or disagree: mandatory IQ and EQ testing before giving someone Internet access. What do you think?"

Salonga who's known for posting straightforward tweets and for "muting, blocking, and deleting" tweets and/of users on Twitter is actually getting tired of it already. In the threaded conversation that followed that tweet, Salonga revelead that she's tired so much of the abuse and bashing she gets from the social media network.

One user noted and compared the bashers to Donald Trump who "would still do excellent on either test and he's still absolutely terrible."

The user disagreed because "her developmentally disabled 10-yr old brother greatly benefits from having Internet access. Restricting internet to people based on "intelligence" perpetuates the maltreatment of individuals with disabilities also equating the bad behavior from people on the internet to intelligence is not...good."

"Like maybe you weren't thinking about how young children and individuals with disabilities use the internet but. uh. they do. This just ends up being a tired and insulting idea to even bring up."

"But like even with the amount of terribleness on the internet, a lot of it is coming from people who are intelligent?"

Realizing her mistake (if she did), Salonga told the user to see where she's coming from before hitting her.

To which the user answered back, 

"But you literally said "mandatory IQ and EQ testing" and then just said "someone" as if they aren't online. And I knew that's not what you meant & who you were talking about, but it's still what you ended up saying."

Another user said that it's called progress. "That's progress. In the past, only the rich could pollute the air with a car. Now every schmoe's got a piece of that action."

In the end, Salonga got no one to back her up but return to her old ways, that is - "block, delete, and report".

"Sigh, yes. Until there's a way to figure out how to clean it, I shall block and report with glee.", Salonga tweeted but insisted,  "There's gotta be a checks and balances thing. Accountability. Consequences. Something!"

Maybe it's time for her to rest her social media accounts? It can't be avoided... really. As the old saying goes, "If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen."

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