Vilma Santos and Angel Locsin, together in a Star Cinema film

When it rains, it pours. Seems like this old saying is fit to Angel Locsin these days. Star Cinema has lined up a movie to star Angel Locsin with no less than VIlma Santos.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

When it rains, it pours. Seems like this old saying is fit to Angel Locsin these days. After the very successfully run of her recently-concluded primetime series The Legal Wife, Star Cinema recently announced that Locsin is gearing up for her return as Darna but this time in movies.

The film production has promised that the latest Darna movie will be Philippine's biggest yet. ABS-CBN's film arm has hired the best post-production outfit/special effects team to handle the visual aspects making sure it will be at par with the Hollywood movies.

But Darna isn't the only big project Locsin is preparing for. According to, Star Cinema has lined up a movie to star Angel with no less than the Star for All Seasons, her future mother-in-law, VIlma Santos.

Seems like the Star Cinema big bosses are not giving up on this one huh. Although Santos had already said on her previous interviews a month ago that doing a movie with Locsin and Luis (her son) isn't clear as of that time, no matter how many scripts had been submitted to her for approval.

But whatever happened within that short period of time, this is surely a welcome development. Luis Manzano isn't joining them anymore but we heard Piolo Pascual will take the role instead. The movie hopes to be shown this year or before Darna movie in 2015.

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  1. this is going to be very exciting
    about Piolo, even a very loyal fan of his I know, told me he used to be a much better actor when he was just starting until dunno who some director, "misguided" him
    appearance wise, to be Vilma and Angel's leading man, he's not really a problem
    especially if they're going to focus on the two leading ladies
    many I spoke of actually want Angel doing a temptress for a change in more highlight scenes than usual
    its not that she's not done these, but let's say, this time, they do it as if she's doing it the "first time" more cinematic
    a Vilma Angel project should really be big drama
    in a way, we were wondering if adding Piolo will spoil it
    when Vilma did Anak with Claudine they didn't add a name leading man
    if this is going to be a Special Project for Vilma and Angel we don't really need a name leading man
    competent more veteran actors who still look good will do
    it depends though, Piolo can star with both leading ladies in a separate project I think
    honestly, we thought the movie of Toni and Piolo might have been a case of long overdue between them esp after that commercial Toni did at around the start of her career
    besides has starred with both Vilma and Angel in separate movies which were not exactly big earners
    perhaps another one with both of them there might not be a very good idea
    its just me, might be wrong

  2. para tuloy naging risk maging leading man si Piolo
    siguro naman sa tamang project at director
    alagaan lang rin nila si Piolo sa project na tamang dating
    same goes sa 2 leading ladies Angel at of course, Ate Vilma
    successful naman sa tv pagkasama ni Echo kina Angel at Maja, na sinasabi rin ng iba na di na sikat
    although si Echo lalaki umakting kaya bumagay rin sa role
    magandang senyales na blockbuster last movie ni Piolo, kaya lang sa daming misses nga before nito??
    depende na lang talaga
    may ma suggest ba kayo if ever iba na lang?

  3. dapat ituloy na ito
    at joke nung friend ko, isama na rin si Echo parang reunion na rin
    kaso hindi naman pwedeng pang JC de Vera as Max lang role ni Jericho di ba?
    pero isa lang tanong dito, sinong magiging kontrabida sa movie?
    si Angel o si Ate Vi

  4. excited! when ito?

  5. conflict laden stories that are very relatable although not necessarily resolved at the end
    and very interesting storytelling, realistic portrayals
    interesting actors with good chemistry
    after The Legal Wife, this definitely is a very good followup drama project for Angel
    and its interesting how Vilma and Angel's onscreen chemistry is
    for us, without a doubt, this has all the potential of a drama blockbuster, it all depends on the execution and the story telling
    of course, since they're supposed to have a costar actor, lets make sure at the very least the leading man doesn't spoil it
    sometimes if the leading man can't really deliver what's required, then there's a safe route, give the conflict scenes to the female leads, the better for viewers to lap it up since it seems to be the more watchable trend


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