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Darna movie ni Angel Locsin, sisimulan na

Seems like it's all systems go for Darna's return on the big screen. Angel Locsin together with Star Cinema big bosses Malou Santos and Oilivia Lamasan met for story pitching at the Star Cinema office Thursday night June 26

Angel Locsin Darna movie 2015

Seems like it's all systems go for Darna's return on the big screen.

Angel Locsin together with Star Cinema big bosses Malou Santos and Oilivia Lamasan met for story pitching  at the Star Cinema office Thursday night June 26. Also present is Erik Matti, tapped to direct the popular local superheroine.

Locsin was ecstatic and thankful that she posted on her Instagram account @therealangellocsin the photo above with Darna's headdress at the background.
"Story Con today. big BIG HUGE project!!! waaaaaaaaaaaah! #thankyouLord"

erikmatti 2: It's official. Angel Locsin + me in one picture = Darna 2015
@therealangellocsin: "THE" Direk Erik Matti astig ka direk!!! @erikmatti #DARNA
ABS-CBN is also planning to do a TV version of Darna but according to Angel, there's still no confirmed actress to play the role on the small screen. She's more excited to do Darna in a movie because she still haven't done it.

According to her, “Kung ibibigay nila sa younger generation, ok lang din naman sa akin kasi nabigyan naman na ako ng chance. Itong movie pa lang, kung magdadamot pa ako sa ibang tao, parang ang sama-sama ko naman."

“Kung ibibigay sa akin, thank you so much. Kung hindi, magiging happy ako kung kanino man,” she added.

Locsin's career skyrocketed when she first portrayed Darna in 2005. Her portrayal of Darna in a movie will mark the popular heroine's return to the big screen after two decades. Anjanette Abayari was the last to portray Darna in movies in 1994.

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  1. we do remember when we started watching GMA switching at home
    it actually started with Mulawin and straight away all of us and a lot we knew then were enamored by a sweet voiced pretty, winsome lass who can actually kick ***
    she was such a breath of fresh air, her name suited her angelic face and that sweet voice

    when she became Darna we were absolutely hooked, never mind the low budget special effects
    Angel always had the screen presence to play larger than life heroines whether its a fantasy superheroine or her latest very honest portrayal as Monica, the legal wife
    both as a dramatic actress and especially as an action icon where she's all alone in this country as a female action heroine, there seems to be no one like her
    we've viewed Lobo and Asian Treasures too so we know where we speak of

    we just know this Darna will be her best action foray
    although it's going to happen 10 years after her Darna tv stint
    she's still young enough and now even more mature as an actress and even better if you view her other action stints after Darna, notably Lobo and Asian Treasures

    she's capable of more, so it really all depends on the creative team
    she's the best qualified actress to execute this project to perfection

  2. Mulawin on tv was Angel's first big hit
    she was already a certified up and coming young star at that time
    but Mulawin made her a certified household name even among non GMA viewers
    her movie then with Richard G. was a certified blockbuster
    then Darna became a phenomenal tv blockbuster bigger than Mulawin
    this cemented Angel's star status, not only as loveteam leading lady, but as a certified big name star
    from then on,GMA was able to market very successfully all her succeeding tv projects headlined by her
    until she moved to ABS to star in her first TV project Lobo where she was nominated at the International Emmys
    Angel its always been the case, has excelled starring in action filled super heroine characters
    although in recent movies by Starcinema, she's done award winning dramatic roles including her last tv outing, the well received The Legal Wife
    a good look at her TV track record indicates she's one of the real legal tv primetime queens, considering most if not all her tv projects were all well received, viewership and advertising earnings wise
    going back to the tv success of her Darna stint, the movie is almost a guaranteed success seeing how Angel seems to be the best actress we have to take on the role
    as an actress and as an action icon, and we are pretty sure, as we've seen from her 2012 movie One More Try, Angel can be back in shape when she wants to

  3. expected na pagbutihin ito
    pati sana publicity, itama
    kababago lang nag story con nito bakit walang kwenta, cheap pa pinagusapan sa d buzz
    marami pa namang Darna at Angel fans excited sa project, wag naman babuyin
    dapat kay Angel at sa Darna nakasentro ang pinaguusapan
    if lovelife ni Angel lang rin, yung kanya na lang, wag na sakyan pa ng iba na hindi naman nakakatulong lalo mga hindi ka level pa

  4. ATTENTION ABS:parang gagamitin na naman si Angel para sa promo ng iba?
    noon pa man, gamit na si Angel para sa mga karir ng iba, meron ba?
    nakakapikon lang na itong ABS mukang dehado na nga si Angel sa mga publicities ng network, nauso pa yung mga taga kabila pa pinopromote
    feeling tuloy ng iba, nabayaran ang ABS magpromote dahil madalas mga artista ng kabila ma publicity sa dos
    totoo galing si Angel sa ibang network, pero dati sinisiraan ng ABS si Angel
    bakit hanggang ngayon, parang pabor pa rin sa taga kabila at si Angel nagagamit pa
    pinagmamalaki kuno ang project at gagastuhan, pero yung pagpapahalaga sa bida hindi namin ma feel
    daming Darna fans turn off rin, dahil type talaga nila si Angel mag Darna sa big screen
    pero pangit daw talaga yung d buzz slant sa publicity
    ayusin niyo ABS, kulang ata ng lagay si Angel sa mga writer sa showbiz
    at laging hindi pabor sa kanya mga publicity
    minsan lang siya nabibigyan ng publicity, tulad ng ASAP wala man lang FAREWELL para sa pinaka pinagusapan na teleserye ngayong taon THE LEGAL WIFE
    nakakaawa minsan yung mga THANK YOU ni Maja kasi hindi nabigyan ng tamang PASALAMAT o THANK YOU portion ang THE LEGAL WIFE
    hindi yan nangyari if hindi Angel starrer yun, ex. nung costar ni Maja ibang artista
    pati nga triangle nila Angel Maja Echo walang pa THANK YOU sa ASAP
    di yan pupuwede sa DARNA dahil may mga DARNA FANS rin
    dahil PORMAL ng ANNOUNCEMENT na si Angel ang maging Darna ulit
    dapat ayusin na rin ng ABS ang publicity ng magbibida

  5. example ng magandang publicity ganito
    dahil galing sa VERY SUCCESSFUL na THE LEGAL WIFE
    ang puwedeng pagusapan sinong makakasama sa CAST
    halimbawa, suggestion ng fans
    tulad ng sabi ng iba try daw si MAJA dahil may chemistry sila ni Angel
    o yung isang Angel sa nauunang serye bago mag THE LEGAL WIFE, si Angel Aquino
    at dahil naumpisahan na magkontra kay Angel ang mas bata na aktres ng dos
    puwede rin si Julia Montes, sanay na rin ito maging kotrabida
    sa role ni Efren marami na rin kaming naririnig na try daw JC de Vera, lalo na gusto ng ibang fans baguhan daw at di gaanong sikat para focus kay Angel as Darna


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