No joke. Kristine Hermosa is pregnant for the third time

Too cautious about April Fools Day prank.. not. Kristine Hermosa is ideed pregnant for the third time

Friday, April 01, 2016

No joke. Kristine Hermosa is pregnant again for the third time

People today are so cautious so as not to become victim of April Fools Day prank.

This is what happened when Oyo Sotto posted a sonogram of his wife Kristine Hermosa on his Instagram account on Friday. His follower on Instagram thought that it's just another prank but Oyo replied that it's not.

Kristine Hermosa is indeed pregnant.

"And another one! You never fail to surprise us, God. Thank you for this blessing!" he wrote as the caption to a clip he posted.

Watch the clip

Sotto revealed that his Kristine is six weeks pregnant.

In 2011, Hermosa gave birth to her first child with Sotto, Ondrea Bliss.

The two then adopted a son named Kristian Daniel. In 2014, they welcomed their second biological child, Kaleb Hanns.

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