Aubrey Miles shares comparison photos of her first and second pregnancies and the benefits of working out while pregnant

Is exercise and work outs bad for pregnant women? Fitness expert Aubrey Miles shares her experience and break the miscoceptions.

Friday, April 08, 2016

Aubrey Miles shares comparison photos of her first and second pregnancies and the benefits of working out while pregnant

Actress and fitness expert Aubrey Miles shared a comparison photo of her first and second pregnancies on her Instagram account Thursday night.

In the first photo, Aubrey weighed 182 lbs while she only weighed 145 lbs on her second pregnancy. The sexy actress realized the importance of staying healthy over the mentality of having to eat everything when pregnant.

Some celebrities today like Cristine Reyes and Judy Ann Santos gained criticisms when they posted pictures in the gym working during their pregnancies. Kapuso tv host Iya Villania has also received flak on her Instagram account for doing some exercise routines.

We're quoting Aubrey Miles...

"Hello guys, Now that I've shared the story of my 1st pregnancy. I'd like to tell you about my 2nd pregnancy, and what I've learned from it. Let's start from, I didn't want to let go this time. I had the mentality that when you're pregnant you can eat anything you like. It's actually a huge misconception.

When you're pregnant the more you need to be healthy. Take advantage of it, especially when your doctor say you're ok and allows you to workout during pregnancy. You are one of the luckiest if you're strong and healthy enough to be able to workout. I promised myself i will never let go again and i don't want to be unhealthy especially for my baby.

Looking back, I'm thankful nothing happened to me and the baby for being overweight. I'm not going to say my 2nd pregnancy was perfect but way better and healthier. Starting with my nutrition, it's totally normal to have lots of sacrifices during pregnancy. Giving up sweets, salty food, eating more vegetables and fruits more than usual is a must. Eating healthy is beneficial for you and the baby. I did a lot of exercises this time around. Mas maarte na ako haha

Too long to explain it here on IG

For the rest of my story and more photos.

Please go to my Fitness Blog."

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