OMG! Maria Ozawa reveals one night stand with Cesar Montano

Former Jaoanese adult film actress Maria Ozawa revealed that she had a one-night stand with actor Cesar Montano, whom she had worked with on the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival entry "Nilalang".

Thursday, March 03, 2016

 Maria Ozawa reveals one night stand with Cesar Montano

In an interview with Mo Twister for his "Good Times With Mo" podcast, Ozawa was asked directly if she had sex with the actor.

Ozawa tried to change the topic but Mo Twister persisted. "How many times did you have sex with Cesar Montano? I really have a feeling you did," he said.

The actress then laughed, and Mo Twister quipped: "Two times, huh?"

"No, one," she finally said, adding that it happened before they started filming the movie.

"Way before because I didn't know anything and then it just happened," she said.

Watch Maria Ozawa reveal tryst with former film co-star Cesar Montano

Skip to 1:05:55 for the juicy part

The Japanese actress stressed, however, that she had no intentions of dating Montano, calling what happened between them as "saying hello sex."

Montano was brought in to replace Robin Padilla as Ozawa's leading man last September.

In a previous interview, Montano even described her kissing scene with Ozawa as "a religious experience."

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