Julia Barretto posts photo with father Dennis Padilla on Instagram

Has everything been settled with father and daughter - Dennis Padilla and Julia Barreto? Julia posted a photo of them together on her Instagram account.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Julia Barretto posts photo with father Dennis Padilla on Instagram

Kapamilya teen actress Julia Barretto posted on her Instagram account @juliabarretto a photo of her with father Dennis Padilla. She captioned it with, "Papa being his comedian self".

The photo which received more than 26,000 likes within two hours since it was posted elicited mixed reactions from netizens. Fans of the teen actress said they were happy and wished that the good relationship with her father to continue.

Others were doubting and questioned the sincerity.

"Haha biglang ok na oh. Bka nman pakitang tao lng yaaaan", said one follower.

"Sana true yan hnd lng palabas idol kita @juliabarretto pero nung hnd m pinansin papa m in one event inanfollow kta kaya ngaun follow n ulit. Father is always a father", said another

Recall that the two headlined several news articles on print, broadcast and social media when Julia decided to push for her real family name "Baldivia" to be dropped and adapt her mother's (Marjorie Barretto) last name instead.

Julia found herself in the midst of negative criticisms from netizens since then and most recently got involved with another snubbing incident with her father in a party.

Although we're not sure when the photo was taken, is it safe to assume that the father and daughter had kissed and made up? Is it genuine or they are up on something? What are your thoughts dear PSD readers?

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