Bituin Escalante explains why she 'walked out' of ASAP prod

Bituin Escalante explained why she walked away from the group during ASAP prod last Sunday. No walkout. Just walked away.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bituin Escalante has finally talked about the 'walk out' issue which happened during a production number with ASAP's past and present belters last Sunday. The incident became a trending topic on Twitter after she was seen walking away from the group.

Biutin Escalanate explains why she 'walked out' of ASAP prod

In her Facebook account, one fan asked about the incident. "Why did you move away at the end of the number?", Mervin Dela Cruz asked after the singer posted a photo on her account.

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Escalante replied, "We were all supposed to go back to second position on the last verse. Some were not told. Others forgot. It happens. "

The singer was told about an article regarding the incident but seemed disappointed about how it became big.

"You know how it is in showbiz, whatever sells. negativity sells. i can't believe how much of an issue this has become. such is life"

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