Nikki Gil describes Billy Crawford's arrest as "malas"

Friday, September 12, 2014

Nikki Gil describes Billy Crawford's arrest as a misfortune

When Billy Crawford's name headlined news reports on tv and the Internet last weekend, netizens were curious about the reaction of his ex-girlfriend Nikki Gil.

In a recent press event held by luxury car maker Mercedes Benz, Nikki Gil was asked for her reaction about her ex-boyfriend's latest involvement.

“I was asked about it, which I don’t understand why because I’m not involved in any way,” Nikki Gil answered.

“But I wasn’t raised to celebrate the misfortune of others. I guess that’s all I have to say about the issue” the singer/ host added.

The singer/host/actress was also asked regarding some comments that Billy Crawford was never involved in any controversy during their relationship.

“I don’t want to comment on that, I also want to respect the people that we are currently. You know, there are other parties involved din, eh. Respetuhin nalang natin ‘yon. I really don’t want to comment on that” Nikki said.

Right now Nikki is said to be seeing businessman BJ Albert and she said that her current relationship is wonderful, fabulous and a very healthy one.

“I’m enjoying, because it’s a source of my inspiration” Nikki Gil shared.

Nikki Gil is currently seen on ABS-CBN's primetime series Hawak Kamay with Piolo Pascual and Iza Calzado.

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