Kris Aquino denies her newest rumored boyfriend

Kris Aquino posted a lengthy message on her Instagram account @_krisaquino Thursday afternoon to deny the blind item written by Ricky Lo on

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kris Aquino posted a lengthy message on her Instagram account @_krisaquino Thursday afternoon to deny the blind item written by Ricky Lo on
"I normally would have ignored this bit but because Tito Ricky Lo is credible & an entertainment institution, I need to clarify. Tuesday night on our way to my taping in Baclaran, @jasminip & @darlasauler showed me an article also from's tabloid about my supposed new boyfriend..."
According to Kris, she had dated two men after her relationship with QC Mayor Herbert Bautista ended but not the man being subject of the blind items. Aquino revealed that this is the same man who has been sending her flowers - one of which was when she posted a  bouquet of flowers on her Instagram account from an anonymous sender when she was sick.
"I will be PERFECTLY HONEST, I have casually had dinner "dates" w/ 2 people since my relationship w/ Mayor HB ended, neither of them is the man in this blind item... @ramsayderek11 is a dear friend & I know we will remain lifelong friends."
"The man in the articles has been thoughtful, to the point that my home could be a flower shop already, but I politely told him that even if I'm single, I am not interested & he should please stop sending flowers. I have never seen him face to face, we have never even spoken on the phone, hanggang text lang. Mali ako to have posted the flowers because it may have sent the wrong signal, wrong move on my part."

But the Queen of All Media is hopeful not to grow old alone and still waiting for the guy who will marry her in Church and who's willing to accept her two sons.
"Of course I still pray to not grow old alone, to have a partner who will marry me in Church & who will be someone who is comfortable w/ my past, accepts my 2 sons, and who will want to build a good future together. But I realize w/ my job, my schedule, and my responsibilities at present, a lasting, loving relationship is not possible."

Aquino also addressed her bashers who continue to tell things about her being flirty.
"Kaya bakit ko ipipilit ang alam kong hindi pa pwede? Madalas yung bashers sinasabihan akong malandi ako, sabik sa lalaki at hindi na natuto... "

"Well this time, MALING MALI kayo... "

Lastly, Kris admitted she's not perfectly happy but feels content. She also revealed that she's still hurting and have not completely moved on after her last relationship. .
"I won't tell you I'm perfectly happy because that would be a lie. But I am CONTENT, and I have surrendered my heart to God. He knows when the time will be right for love & in God's perfect time He will bless me w/ the man who will be both my partner & my best friend... "

"My Mom used to always remind me that it's impossible to have it all, that I should prioritize & be grateful for what I do have. Bongga ang career, happy & alagang alaga ang mga anak ko, close & loving kami ng mga kapatid ko. For now okay na yun. Further truth, I lied when I said sa Buzz before the ice bucket challenge that I've moved on, I haven't. May bubog pa sa puso... "

"So I'll repeat, all in God's time. ❤️"

The guy was named by entertainment editor Salve Asis on her column in Pilipino Star Ngayon in the person of businessman Moonie Lim - ex-husband of tv host Toni Rose Gayda

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