Robin Padilla wants to shut down Congress

"Kung hindi pa FEDERALISMO ang tatalakayin ng mga mambabatas ISARADO na ito at gawin na lamang Sinehan ang SENADO o teleserye"

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Robin Padilla wants to shut down Congress

Actor and known patriot Robin Padilla has expressed his disappointment through his Instagram account @robinhoodpadilla about the issues being given priorities of both the lower and upper house of the Congress.

In his post, Padilla slammed the lawmakers for devoting much of their time for politicking and setting aside the real interest of the people thereby wasting taxpayers' money.

In the end, Padilla wanted lawmakers to start discussing the transition of the country's form of government to FEDERALISM and if not better to shut down the institution (Senate).

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The video is part of his speech as a keynote speaker at the 118th anniversary of Malolos Republic in Bulacan.

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