Andi Eigenmann says Jake Ejercito is the "father" of her daughter

Albie Casiño gets vindicated as Andi Eigenmann confirms Jake Ejercito as the father of her daughter.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Andi Eigenmann confirms Jake Ejercito is the real father of her daughter

In a press conference held for Andi Eigenmann's upcoming movie, Angela Markado, Andi was surprised when an entertainment reporter asked her about a "DNA test" result which says Jake Ejercito is Elle's father and not Albie Casino.

But the actress denied there was a DNA test made. According to her,

“There was never a DNA test. I never went up to them to ask them for anything. They’re not a part of this. They were not been a part of our lives for five years and I could not care less. So, bakit pa kailangang pag-usapan, ba’t sila sumasali?”

Recall that when Andi got pregnant, it was Casino who the public knows as her boyfriend at the time but it was Ejercito who stayed beside her during her pregnancy.

“Oo, siya yung tinuturo, pero okey na yung sinabi mo once na ‘it’s not me”, said Andi.

“And sinasabi ko nga, si Jake nga ang father. I hope you don’t twist my words in anyway, pero yon nga, si Jake yung nandiyan since the beginning and he loves my daughter like his own and so he’s the father. I mean, it’s as simple as that” ended Andi.

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