Watch: Kaye Abad and Paul Jake Castillo's pre-wedding video

With Kaye Abad and Paul Jake Castillo's grand Cebu nuptials happening soon (the two have kept the wedding date under wraps!

Monday, December 05, 2016

Watch: Kaye Abad and Paul Jake Castillo's pre-wedding video

Nice Print Photography has finally released the much-anticipated pre-wedding video of kapamilya stars Kaye Abad and Paul Jake Castillo. The couple will soon tie the knot this month in Cebu.

In the video, Paul Jake is a photographer who was smitten by Kaye while out running. Since then, he started following Kaye everywhere she goes — from a stable where she’s feeding horses, to a restaurant where she’s dining alone — all while not-so-secretly taking her pictures.

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Paul Jake then invites Kaye to a posh exhibit where he reveals of all the photos he took of her. They exchange more meaningful glances and smiles and end with these two lines:

Paul Jake: You are my love, my fantasy.

Kaye: You, my love, have become my reality.

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