Actor Joross Gamboa tagged in a video scandal

Actor Joross Gamboa gets on a spotlight after his alleged video scandal surfaces online.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Actor Joross Gamboa tagged in a video scandal

A video tagged to actor Joross Gamboa has stirred talks as it makes the rounds online. A video link and several screenshots showing a man who looks like the actor are flooding the search results for "Joross Gamboa " on Twitter,

The video, apparently filmed inside a car, shows a man speaking to someone not seen on screen. The subject of the video, alleged to be Gamboa, is seen pleasuring himself while talking to the other, unseen, person, as though giving directions. The two seem to have been conversing through online video chat.

As the nearly six-minute video went on, someone appears to be calling out from outside the car, as the man in the car replied that he would be out in a while.

The 31-year-old actor, who became popular after ending up as a runner up in ABS CBN’s Star Circle Quest, is married to non-showbiz wife Katz Saga. His wife gave birth to their first child in October 2015, almost a year after the two got married.

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