Court validates Deniece Cornejo's bail petition for Serious Illegal Detention charge filed by Vhong Navarro

Deniece Cornejo is elated by the court's decision to validate the bail grant while Vhong Navarro's camp is disappointed and questioned the court's ruling.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Court validates Deniece Cornejo's bail petition for Serious Illegal Detention charge filed by Vhong Navarro

The Regional Trial Court of Taguig City has validated the bail previously given to model Deniece Cornejo last September 2014. TV host/actor Vhong Navarro charged Cornejo and several others a serious illegal detention after he was mauled by the group last January 2014.

In an official statement released and posted by Cornejo's legal counsel, Atty Ferdinand Topacio said that Cornejo was elated by the recent deciosion of the court. Furthermore, Topacio said that the order only shows that bail granted was a validation and that the evidence was weak.

Here's the complete statement:

“Our client, Ms. Deniece Milinette Cornejo, is elated by the recent decision of the Regional Trial Court, Branch 153 sustaining and upholding the previous Order of RTC Branch 271 in Criminal Case No. 153705-TG, which is the Serious Illegal Detention Case filed by Mr. Ferdinand Navarro against her, Cedric Lee, and several other persons.

"By the said Order, the earlier finding that the evidence of the prosecution was weak and that our client should be granted bail, has been given validation.

“Mr. Cornejo is thankful to the presiding judge of Branch 153 for not succumbing to trial by publicity and other pressures being brought to bear by adverse counsel and media organizations and high-powered professional public relations practicioners.

“We have explained to our client that this is but another step in her quest for justice, and we still have a long way to go before complete justice may be finally attained.

Meanwhile, Vhong Navarro and his camp expressed their disappointment and questioned the court's decision. In a statement sent by Navarro's counsel, Atty. Alma Mallonga, to entertainment website, the feisty lady lawyer said the battle will still continue while abiding the law.

“Judge Mariam Bien, while confirming the grant of bail to Cedric Lee, Deniece, & Zimmer, goes on to say that the ‘prosecution is not being left with an empty bag’ and that ‘it has not yet gone to the heart of the case.’

“What that means, even as the prosecution tries to assess its remedies from the 2.5 page order, is that Vhong's quest for justice continues."

“The evidence is clear and undisputed."

“We will fight to the very end. Tuloy ang laban.”

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