OMG! Is this the third party in Gerald Anderson-Maja Salvador break up?

Actor Gerald Anderson posted a photo of him on Instagram that could be the envy of his many followers. Could this be the third party in JaGer breakup?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

OMG! Is this the third party in Gerald Anderson-Maja Salvador break up?

It was Gerald Anderson himself who confirmed the rumor about his break-up with kapamilya girlfriend Maja Salvador. Since then, we haven't heard a bit from Maja and no further word from the actor what caused the split-up.

Speculations pointed to veteran actress Janice De Belen but we didn't buy it. Why? Because the photo that was used as 'evidence' has been posted by the actress herself on her Instagram account during her last birthday celebration long before the rumor surfaced.

The Nathaniel actor posted on his Instagram account @andersongeraldjr Wednesday night a photo of him with a certain guy which shocked his followers.

So could this be the possible third party from the Maja-Gerald break up?

Naaah! It couldn't be!

The photo was actually a parody of the viral photos of a Thai gay man and his German boyfriend that surfaced in social media a few days ago. The photo which Gerald captioned with a birthday greeting for the guy received more than 2000 likes 30 minutes after it was posted

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